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The company was started in the late 1920s by Fred Ranger, the grandfather of the present owners, mainly hauling coal for a local company that made paper for bank notes. It is believed that his first vehicle was steam driven.

During the war years and up to the late sixties, most of our work was for this company, and by this time son Douglas Ranger and his wife Joyce were running the firm.
Keith came into the partnership in the early seventies and it was at this time that we bought our first bulk grain vehicle: a 16 tonne Seddon. This worked for local companies hauling grain and raw materials for animal feed from the docks and local farms.
By the end of the seventies the fleet had grown and we were running our first articulated bulkers and we also did quite a lot of container work from Southampton and Felixstowe. By the end of the 1980s, Wayne had come into the business and the fleet increased to eight vehicles and ten trailers.

At this moment in time, the traffic is organised and co-ordinated by Wayne Ranger and Keith Ranger is in charge of the administration. We also have in-house workshop facilities to maintain our modern fleet of Scania vehicles and trailers. We run 40 and 44 tonne vehicles, which run strictly to the guidelines specified in the UKASTA code of practise for combinable crops.

Presently, we have eight vehicles and sixteen trailers, we have trailers dedicated to grain and animal feed that come under the UKASTA scheme for substances destined for human consumption, Taut liners for general and contract work. We are also prime movers for composted materials used for the production of mushrooms, which requires designated bulk tipping trailers fitted with barn doors and roll over nets.