Community Archaeology

I can plan, design and deliver community archaeology projects including research, survey, fieldwork and interpretation.
I’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of community archaeology projects – handling everything from bid writing to developing education and communication programmes.
The following gives you a flavour of particular experience I have in providing services for community archaeology projects, but if there is anything you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
I’m always happy to have a chat through ideas to get communities involved in exploring their past!

Community Geophysics

Geophysical survey – TimeTeam’s ‘geofizz’ – is a great way of investigating and exploring sites without putting a spade in the ground. It’s also a fantastic way to engage a wide range of people in investigating the past.

I have carried out a range of surveys big and small. I have delivered hands-on workshops, providing training in preparing, carrying out and reporting on both electrical resistance and magnetic surveys.

I was project officer for the University of Glasgow’s Community Geophysics project – Discovering Dumfries and Galloway’s Past. A wide range of people were involved in walking up and down in straight lines, ‘seeing below the soil’, exploring prehistoric farms, Roman forts, medieval castles for themselves! You can read more about how the project engaged local communities in the final report.



Test-pitting is a great way of engaging local communities – the work can involve a wide range of volunteers: leading,carrying out and writing-up small-scale excavations. They are ideal ways for local communities to explore their local heritage, particularly building up a picture of the way settlements have grown and contracted over time.

I have been involved with, and supervised on, a number of long-term test-pitting projects, and have loved sharing the joys of archaeology with local communities.

To see some examples of the results of test-pitting, and the real contribution it can make to archaeological knowledge, read more about the work of Dr. Carenza Lewis

Research and survey

Working out what is already known about the archaeology of an area is a crucial first step in planning any community project.

I can carry out background-research for a range of community projects. I’m an experienced researcher, and have extensive experience of liaising with national agencies (e.g. Historic England), local authority archaeology services and landowners.

Research typically includes analysis and assessment of resources like Historic Environment Records, LiDAR, documentary and archive sources and historic maps. This can include workshops on this material, and how to use if for community projects.


Photogrammetry and photographic recording

I can offer a range of options for recording archaeological projects, including photogrammetry, a way of creating 3D digital models from photographs. It’s a rapid way of documenting the past, and is a fantastic way to involve local communities.

Kite aerial photography